96 Activities

Ask your child to think of the worst sandwich - then pretend to eat it. Switch roles. Blow Football; Make a football field on a table. Use cotton wool or a scrap of paper as a ball. Blow it into each other's goal. Build a fort! Build an obstacle course, place some dolls or toys at one side and have a contest moving them, one by one, across the course. Build paper aeroplanes and have a flying contest. Choose a category (colours, animals, dinosaurs). Take turns naming items until one of you gets stuck. Choose a famous figure or character for the other one to guess by asking yes/no questions. Choose three items from your bag or purse and make up a story around those items. Cold and warm; Hide something for the other to find. If they get closer it's warm. If they get further it's cold. Count how many trees you pass on your way to the bus stop. Brag that factoid to someone you meet. Count to ten. Without synchronising, each one can shout the next number. Try to make it to ten. For more than 2 people. Don't Say It; Choose up to 5 prohibited words you may not say (yes, no...). Trick each other into saying them in a conversation. Drop a scrap of paper. Your child should try to catch it before it hits the ground. Face each other and mirror each other's movements. Find 5 things with letters or numbers on them. Find the letters of your child's name in street signs together. Game Show! Ask questions of random topics. Give out arbitrary points. Make up silly prizes. Go on a shape hunt; Find shapes in things around you. Guess how many steps to the next lamp post or how many stairs in the next flight. Now count them. Hang on the bars of the train like monkeys between stops. Have a long jump competition. Have a video call with Grandma. Have your kid hold a small mirror under your chin, Lead them around the house when they can only see the ceiling's reflection. Hide something around the house and make a treasure map! Hug your child tightly and have them try to escape your clutches. Hum a song for the other one to recognise. Switch roles. Jump on each other's shadow. Keep silent for one minute. Each of you has to name three different things you've heard during this minute. Learn something: Ask your child what they want to learn about. Read about it on Wikipedia and together select two videos to watch. Listen to an audio story together with one set of earphones. Look at one another. Try to find one detail you haven't noticed before. Make the sounds of the different vehicles passing you by. Make up a different name for an everyday object and start using it. Make up a secret handshake. Make up a story using things you see around you. Your kid should try to point them out. Make up excuses for being late. Make up names for dogs you see. People, too. Make up nicknames for each other. Make up silly fictional stories about people you both know. Measure your heights in non standard units: I am 27 Lego minifigures tall. Name an animal - the other one should make its sound or move like it. Name the furthest thing you can spot. Make it into a competition. Odd or Even; Take turns choosing Odd or Even. On the count of three you both pull one finger or two. Pay your child a compliment. Dare them to pay you a compliment, too. Pick up some things off the ground and make an obstacle course. Pin a piece of paper to the wall by blowing on it. Place 3 sticks on the floor and jump between them without touching them. Increase the distance between them each time you succeed. Place 6 objects on the ground together. Tell your child to look away, take one out. Let them guess what it is. Play a song your kid likes on your phone and dance to it in public. Play Animal Vegetable Mineral; Think of things starting with a specific letter or sound. Play Hot and Cold. Play I Spy with My Little Eye. Play Memory Supermarket; Take turns adding things to a memory shopping list. How many items can you remember? Play Musical Statues to the sound of your own singing. Play Pat-a-Cake. Invent your own hand-clap game. Play pick-up sticks with some twigs; Drop them on the floor in a pile and try to remove one without disturbing the pile. Play Rock Paper Scissors. Play Simon Says. Play Thumb War. Play Would You Rather. Prank call grandpa, using disguised, humorous voices. Pretend you are pirates on a treasure hunt. Pretend you're packing for a trip to somewhere exotic together. Make silly suggestions like boots to the beach. Put some music on and conduct the weirdest dance competition. Race to the next lamp post. Reminisce about your favourite family holiday. Rhyme. If you can't rhyme yet - find the rhymes in songs you know. Role play each other. Behave the way you like your child to behave - do not make fun of them. Search the web for images of "monkey making a face". Take turns imitating the faces. Set up a shooting range with stuff you find and some stones. Keep it safe. Seven Boom; Count in turn, when you reach a number which contains the digit 7 or is divisible by 7, replace it with the word Boom. Slaps; Place your palms on top of each other. Bottom player should tap the backs of the other's hands. If you miss - switch. Snow Fight; Take out some waste paper you have, even 10 sheets are enough. Crumple it into balls and have a snow fight. Socks Party; Take all the single socks you have and throw them around the house, play a funny song and see who can find more pairs. Speak in Gibberish and lots of include hand gestures. Have your child be your in-person interpreter. Stand up right. Drop a penny on your shoe without it falling off. Challenge your kid. Stick a line of masking tape on the floor. Do a tight rope walk. Take some funny selfies with your child. Ask them to pick their favourite. Let them pick a family member to send the picture to. Take turns finding shapes in the clouds. Try to be as descriptive as possible and encourage your child to do so as well. Tell a story in turns. Tell Two Truths and a Lie. Take turns in making up stories and guessing which one's the lie. The Ministry of Silly Walks: Scuttle. Waddle. Hop. Shuffle. Walk funny! Try to make a Hopscotch course and play. Try to recite a poem or song you both like. Try to step on each other. Use 6 or 10 cups to create pyramids and stack them back. Make a competition of it. Use a plain paper or plastic bag as a puppet. Both of you. Use your finger to draw a shape or a letter on your child's back. They should figure out what it was. Switch roles. Use your phone camera and a toy to make a stop-motion animated GIF. Walk around as if you're in a museum, pick an "exhibit", open its Wikipedia article and learn something new. Walk everywhere backwards. Walk sideways. Whisper in each other's ear instead of talking out loud. Especially in crowded places. Who am I? Think of someone you both know. Start with one clue and answer questions about them. Word association; In turn, each of you should say a word you associate with the last word the other one said. Yes, and... In turn, each of you makes a statement. The other person has to accept and expand on that.

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